What is the pre-auth for?

We take a £100 deposit per apartment for all bookings.

This is taken in the form of a credit pre-authorisation on your credit card.

How it works is, the £100 is ‘frozen’ in your account until after you have checked out. If our housekeeping manager reports back that the apartment has been left in a satisfactory condition AND you and your guests have not caused any inconvenience to staff/other guests then the £100 is ‘unfrozen’ in your account. It can can take 5 to 7 working days to release (international cards may take longer).

*We are also aware of Monzo cards taking up to 28 days to release the funds. Please note this is not something we can control and would encourage guests to use an alternative card where possible to avoid delays in getting this released back to you*

In the rare event that guests have damaged the apartment or caused problems for staff/other guests you will be contacted by management to rectify the issue. If the costs are less than £100 then the balance will be refunded, however should the costs be more than £100 you will be asked to pay this immediately.